1990 to 1999


John & Mary MitchellReport number: 99237126

Victim: John Mitchell 69 years old

Victim: Mary Mitchell 65 years old

Location: 2204 HURLEY AVENUE 


On April 14, 1999, officers responded to the residence at 2204 Hurley, on a report of a double-homicide. The officers entered the residence and observed the bodies of John and Mary Mitchell inside the house. Mary and John Mitchell died as a result of blunt force trauma. John and Mary Mitchell lived alone at the residence. In the 1980’s they owned a Rock and Roll club on the south side of Fort Worth. The residence had been ransacked and there were indications of a violent struggle.


Dorris TurnerReport number: 98283643

Victim: Dorris Turner 80 year old black male

Location: 614 S. Freeway 


Mr. Turner was found dead inside his residence by a friend who came to visit him often. He lived alone in an area frequented by transient persons, and often invited them into his residence. His 1991 red Chevrolet Cavalier had been stolen, and was later found at Glenwood Park in the 900 block of Exeter St. He died as a result of a gunshot wound. 


Patricia Gail Jackson-LeeReport number: 95468137

Victim: Patricia Gail Jackson-Lee, 38 year-old black female

Location: 500 Precinct Line Road 


On September 3, 1995, Ms. Jackson-Lee was found deceased in a vacant field at 500 Precinct Line Road. She had been bound and strangled. She resided on Sanders Drive in Fort Worth. 


Trina LaneReport number: 92145495

Victim: Trina Lane 23 year-old black female

Location: 3700 CRAVENS 


On March 19, 1992, officers were dispatched to 6001 E. Berry Street. The body of Trina Lane had been found floating in a creek at 3700 Cravens. Trina Lane had been reported missing by her mother on March 11. Her 1989 Ford Tempo was found behind a butcher shop at 4016 Mansfield Highway. It appeared that there had been a struggle inside the vehicle. It was later determined that she had been strangled. 



Edna RodriguezReport number: 98417355

Victim: Edna Rodriguez, 8 years old

Location: 3604 Lipscomb 


On July 11, 1998, Edna Rodriguez was reported missing from her family's residence at 3536 Travis Avenue. She was the subject of an extensive police search. She was found the next day in the driveway of the vacant residence at 3604 Lipscomb. It was later determined that she had been strangled. 



Mary GlassockReport number: 93545026

Victim: Mary Glassock 51 year-old white female

Location: 4708 Bryce Avenue  


Mary Glasscock owned the Emporium Antiques business located at 4709 Bryce. On September 25, 1993, a friend went to the business and found Mary Glasscock deceased in the building. She died as a result of a gunshot wound. 


James HargrovesReport number: 93498402

Victim: James Hargroves 46 year old white male

Location: 1214 S. Jennings Avenue 


On September 3, 1993, James Hargroves was found deceased inside a residence that he shared with two other persons. There were no signs of forced entry; however, evidence of a struggle was apparent inside the residence. Mr. Hargroves was a volunteer for the Fort Worth Area Habitat for Humanity and served meals at a nearby soup kitchen for the homeless, known as Loaves and Fishes. He was a counselor and minister to Fort Worth area homeless people. He was killed during an apparent robbery. He died as a result of blunt force trauma. 



Report number: 90635142

Victim: Celestine Broadus 27 year old black female

Location: 2100 REDBUD TRAIL


On November 25, 1990, Celestine Rogers was found deceased at a park at 2100 Redbud Trail. She died as a result of blunt force trauma. 


Report number: 92456591

Victim: Rose Fromer 50 year-old white female

Location: 3137 Alta Mere


On August 23, 1992, a police officer who was on routine patrol found the body of Rose Fromer lying in the parking lot of the Country Connection night club 3137 Alta Mere. She died as a result of gunshot wounds. Rose Fromer was the owner of the night club. 


Report number: 95062027

Victim: Ruth Ann Kearns 56 year-old white female

Location: 2700 E. VICKERY BLVD.


On February 3, 1995, Ruth Kearns was found deceased near a lot behind a vacant house at 2700 E. Vickery Blvd. She resided about a block away. She died as a result of blunt force trauma. 


Report number: 91036836 Attempted Capital Murder

Victim: Roslyn Ruben 52 year old white female

Location: 5724 LOCKE AVENUE


On January 21, 1991, officers were dispatched to a reported robbery at the Roslyn Shoe’s business, 5724 Locke Avenue. They entered the business and found Roslyn Ruben on the floor. She had sustained blunt force trauma to the upper body. Roslyn Ruben was transported to the hospital. She survived her injuries. This case was investigated by the Homicide Unit, due to the nature of the crime and the severity of her injuries. 



Report number: 91316552

Victim: Doyle Stanley 53 year old white male

Victim: John Maddox 29 year old white male

Location: 1205 S. HENDERSON


On June 17, 1991, Doyle Stanley and John Maddox were found deceased at their residence. They died as a result of blunt force injuries. They lived together at the apartment. 



Report number: 96698152

Victim: Monica Coleman 22 year-old black female

Location: 1029 East Powell Avenue


Monica Coleman lived alone at her residence. On November 20, 1996, Monica Coleman was found deceased at her residence: 1029 E. Powell. It was later determined that she had been strangled. 



Stephanie BorjanReport number: 99647372

Victim: Stephanie Borjan 25 year-old Hispanic female

Location: 3345 St. Louis 


On September 28, 1999, Stephanie Borjan went to her parent’s residence at 3345 St. Louis. She was shot and killed as she was about to enter the house. Her children were with her. Her father, who was inside the house, also was shot. 


Patricia ApodacaReport number: 95316716

Victim: Patricia Apodaca 28 year-old hispanic female

Location: 700 NE 28th Street 


On June 18, 1995, the body of Patricia Apocada was found lying in the street in the 700 block of N.E. 28th Street. She had been shot in the chest. 




Robert RodriguezReport number: 93261548

Victim: Robert Rodriguez 32 years old

Location: 3446 May 


On May 14, 1993, Robert Rodriguez was at a bar located at 3446 May Street. As he was entering his vehicle to leave, he was shot and killed. There were no signs of robbery as a motive.


Richard GarciaReport number: 91631068

Victim: Richard Garcia 17 year-old hispanic male

Location: 1826 May Street 


On November 22, 1991, Richard Garcia was at a party that was being held at the residence at 1826 May Street. He and other individuals were outside the house. A car pulled up to the house. One of the males in the car began arguing with one of the males outside the house. Richard Garcia was shot and killed.

Ladye GallaherReport number: 91688128

Victim: Ladye Gallaher, 84 years old

Location: 3301 Bellaire Drive North 


Ladye Gallaher was an elderly lady who lived alone at the Bellaire House Condominiums. On December 24, 1991, one of her caretakers found her deceased on her bed. It was later determined that she had been strangled

Kevin Hood Report number: 91528811

Victim: Kevin Hood, 22 years old

Location: 2600 Quail Road 


On October 1, 1991, the body of Kevin Hood was found on the side of a road near Lake Arlington. He had apparently been robbed, and his vehicle had been stolen. It was later determined that he had been shot in the head. His vehicle was later found at a service station near the intersection of John T. White Road and E. Loop 820. Kevin Hood was an employee of the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Ginger RossReport number: 92088167

Victim: Ginger Ross, 19 years old

Location: 7405 Meadowcrest 


On February 18, 1992, Ginger Ross was found deceased in the living room of her residence. She had been shot several times. She lived at the residence with a relative. There were no apparent signs of forced entry.


Sloane PowellReport number: 94032452

Victim: Sloane Powell, 27 years old

Location: 4344 E. Lancaster  


On December 17, 1994, Sloane Powell was at a convenience store at 4344 E. Lancaster Avenue. As she was leaving the store, she was shot and killed during an apparent robbery. A short time later, a male was shot during a robbery at a nearby apartment complex on Meadowbrook Drive. He survived his injuries. It was later determined that the same firearm was used in both crimes.

Eduardo LopezReport number: 94298004

Victim: Eduardo Lopez, 18 years old

Location: 3900 Hemphill 


Eduardo Lopez was employed by Danal’s Food Store, which was located at 3900 Hemphill Street. On May 29, 1994, a hispanic male entered the store, armed with a handgun. The male directed the manager to the office, where the safe was located. Eduardo Lopez approached the male. Eduardo Lopez was then shot and killed. The male then placed the manager in a storage freezer, and fled the scene. 

Robert FreemanReport number: 94325644

Victim: Robert Freeman, 17 years old

Location: 4621 Miller Avenue 


On June 13, 1994, Robert Freeman was at a pay telephone in front of Julie’s Food Mart at 4621 Miller Avenue when he was shot and killed during an apparent robbery. He resided a few blocks from the convenience store. 

Curtis RobersonReport number: 94402964

Victim: Curtis Roberson, 24 years old

Location: 2306 E. Berry 


On July 22, 1994, Curtis Roberson was inside the Berry Street Detail Shop at 2306 E. Berry Street. Some males armed with guns entered the shop and, during the course of a robbery, shot and killed Curtis Roberson

Richard HutchinsonReport number: 95023794

Victim: Richard Hutchinson, 32 years old

Location: 3200 Avenue I 


On January 14, 1995, Richard Hutchinson and his brother were traveling in a blue pick-up truck in the Poly neighborhood on the east side of Fort Worth. A male ran up to the driver’s side of the truck and fired several times toward the truck, shooting and killing Richard Hutchinson. This murder was believed to have been drug-related.

Jackie MyersReport number: 95660124

Victim: Jackie Myers, 32 years old

Location: 6509 Plaza Parkway  


On December 9, 1995, Jackie Myers called 9-1-1 from his apartment at 6509 Plaza Parkway, and stated that he had been stabbed. Patrol officers responded to the scene and found Mr. Myers in the apartment. He had been stabbed. He later died at the hospital. The investigation revealed that Jackie Myers had met the suspect at an adult video store on the west side of Tarrant County.   

Ezekiel BarrazaReport number: 99280928

Victim: Ezekiel Barraza, 22 years old

Location: 1603 N.E. 28th  


On May 3, 1999, Ezekiel Barraza, who was also known as “Chico,” was at the Cowboy Cats Club at Main Street and Exchange Avenue. Mr. Barraza then left the club. His body was later found in the parking lot of the El Conejas Club at 1603 N.E. 28th Street. He had been shot in the back.

James McVeyReport number: 94108501

Victim: James McVey, 39 years old

Location: 6201 Dowdell 


On February 25, 1994, James McVey was found deceased in the parking lot of a warehouse at 6201 Dowdell. He died as a result of a gunshot wound. His gray Ford pick-up truck was parked nearby. His face had been sprayed with paint, and gang graffiti had been sprayed on his truck. 

Felicita OlguinReport number: 94433192

Victim: Felicita Olguin , 81 years old

Location: 1125 May St. 


On August 6, 1994, Felicita Olguin was found deceased in her residence: 1125 May Street. It was later determined that she had been strangled.