1970 to 1979
June WardReport number: 77-A-14
Victim: June Ward, 25 years old
Location: 1000 W. Fuller

On February 18, 1977, a person walking in the 1000 block of W. Fuller found the body of June Ward lying next to the curb. It was later determined that she had been strangled. Her white Chevrolet Laguna was found at 4800 S. Freeway.

Carla WalkerReport number: 74-A-205
Victim: Carla Walker, 17 years old
Location: 3400 Ramona

On February 17, 1974, Carla Walker was kidnapped while she sat in a car with her boyfriend at the Ridglea Bowl parking lot. Carla’s body was found three days later in a culvert near Lake Benbrook in Tarrant County. It was later determined that she had been strangled. Carla Walker was a student at Western Hills High School.

Lecia McGeeReport number: 78018772
Victim: Lecia McGee, 17 years old
Location: 2300 S.W. Loop

On January 22, 1978, Lecia McGee went to visit some friends. She left a few hours later and did not return home. Her family reported her missing. The next day, Lecia’s body was found in her car, which was parked at 2300 S.W. Loop 820. She died as a result of being stabbed several times. She resided a few miles from where she was found. 

Report number: 77-A-83
Victim: Eleanor Stark, 69 year-old white female
Location: 3317 Avenue H
On August 13, 1977, a neighbor found the body of Eleanor Stark in her residence at 3317 Avenue H. It was apparent that someone had broken into the residence. She died as a result of trauma to the head.

Report number: 79270472
Victim: Ruth Peters, 76 year-old white female
Location: 3732 Winthrop
On August 20, 1979, a neighbor went to Ruth Peter’s apartment and found her deceased in the apartment. She died as a result of stab wounds. Ruth Peters lived alone in the apartment.

Report number: 77-A-54
Victim: Ore Lee Prescott, 31 year-old black female
Location: 1000 Cobb Park
On June 4, 1977, the body of Ore Lee Prescott was found lying in a field in Cobb Park. Her car was found at another location in the park. It was later detemined that she had been strangled.

Report number: 78192141
Victim: Bill Holmes, 29 year-old white male
Location: 1000 S. Jennings Ave
On July 28, 1978, a person who was walking across a field at 1000 S. Jennings found the body of Bill Holmes lying in the field. He died as a result of blunt force trauma. A relative later reported that he had left her house the previous day, and was going to a club named Patches on the south side of Fort Worth.

Report number: 72-A-1
Victim: Sheila Gocher, 18 year-old black female
Location: Highway 820 and Trinity Blvd
On January 2, 1972, a person who was walking along Trinity Blvd observed the body of Sheila Gocher lying in a gravel pit. It was later determined that she had been stabbed several times.

Report number: 71-A-91
Victim: Brandy Marie St. Romain, 25 year-old white female
Location: 5100 Randol Mill 
On August 27, 1971, a construction worker found the body of Brandy St Romain lying in a drainage ditch at 5100 Randol Mill. It was later determined that she died as a result of stab wounds.

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