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Department General Orders

We are proud of our policies and procedures and continue to strive to set the standards for best practices in law enforcement. It is our hope the accessibility of these documents will enhance our partnership with the community we proudly serve.

Policies and procedures, referred to as General Orders, are rules and regulations that all Fort Worth Police Department personnel must follow in carrying out the mission of the department. The orders provide direction and guidelines for how an officer should handle different situations that arise. While most policies on this site are posted in their entirety, some policies have been redacted. Sensitive material that could jeopardize the safety of the public, crime victims, and members of the Fort Worth Police Department, or that could impede the officers’ ability to respond to critical incidents has been obscured for security purposes.

The department continually revises and updates General Orders; therefore, there may be a delay in posting updated and new orders.

The General Orders posted on our web page are for informational purposes only. Official General Orders may be requested through a Public Information Request.

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Revised  3/28/18

National Initiative for Building Trust and Justice
Through trust and justice, our police officers are enhancing their knowledge of race & bias. Read the 2017 status report at the following link:

Fort Worth Police Department Use of Force Annual Report

2016 Annual Use of Force Report
2017 Annual Use of Force Report

Internal Affairs Complaint Procedures

The Internal Affairs Section of the Fort Worth Police Department is the investigative arm of the Department tasked with conducting administrative investigations of Department employees’ potential misconduct.  The function of Internal Affairs is to provide oversight and ensure integrity of the Department. 
Because Internal Affairs conducts administrative investigations into employees’ conduct, the criminal rules of evidence do not apply.  Since the investigations are not criminal in nature, several items of evidence which can be sought in a criminal case may not be available in an administrative investigation.  While officers can be compelled to cooperate with an administrative investigation as a requirement of their employment, members of the public cannot be compelled to cooperate with an internal investigation.  This can affect what information is included in the case.

In addition to respecting the rights of all persons established in the United States Constitution, Internal Affairs investigators must adhere to several bodies of law and established policy.  These laws and established policies include the Texas Local Government Code, Texas Penal Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Fort Worth Police Meet and Confer Agreement, Fort Worth Police Officers’ Bill of Rights, Fort Worth Police Department General Orders, City of Fort Worth Code and Charter, City of Fort Worth Personnel Rules and Regulations that are applicable to Department employees, and Internal Affairs Section Standard Operating Procedure.

The Investigative Process

Executive Order 13688

In 2015, President Barack Obama released Executive Order 13688, which directs law enforcement agencies that acquire controlled equipment through Federal programs to adopt robust and specific written policies and protocols governing General Policing Standards and Specific Controlled Equipment Standards before physical acquisition or purchase of controlled equipment or transfer of funds is required. 

Controlled equipment listed under the Executive Order 13688 includes:

  • Manned Aircraft, Fixed Wing 
  • Manned Aircraft, Rotary Wing 
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 
  • Armored Vehicles, Wheeled 
  • Tactical Vehicles, Wheeled 
  • Command and Control Vehicles 
  • Explosives and Pyrotechnics 
  • Breaching Apparatus 
  • Riot Batons
  • Riot Shields 
The Fort Worth Police Department has long practiced and supported the philosophy of community policing which focuses on being open and transparent with the community we proudly serve and involving our residents in creating a safer community. Our department is in compliance with the Executive Order. Additional information may be provided upon request by emailing us at